"We were together long before we were physically together."
Rachel McAdams on her relationship with Ryan Gosling
sammanthuhhh: I always have a difficult time finishing poems. I'm in the middle of one now and can't get the last couple lines... Any advise?

Ooo good question, there’s a couple of things I would tell you to consider. Have you reached the end of the poem? Are you clear about what else you have to say? If so, say it, as plain as it is and then tweak it accordingly. But ultimately I would say let the poem breathe, put it away and come back to it some other time. Your subconscious is clever enough to work without you. When it comes, it comes.

shanni-leatham: Hi there. Just popping in from Australia to let you know that you have such a talent with words; it's truly inspiring. Keep doing what you're doing and I hope to see a body of work from you one day x

Thank you for stopping by, reading and sharing this beautiful comment with me.

Re the body of work, you certainly will! :) #working

Anonymous: I love your poems. I was just wondering if you could recommend any books to read?

Thank you for reading them :)

1. Collected or selected poems/ Emily Dickinson
2. for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf/ Ntozake Shange
3. Teaching my mother how give birth/ Warsan Shire

"Everybody in the world is going to know my name."
Michael Brown, 18, a few weeks before he is publicly executed by Ferguson police officer sparking local riots and global outrage.
burnthepromise: omg your blog is amazing.

Every second of you reading it is appreciated, thank you :)

"i hurt in the way you taught me to."
Della Hicks-Wilson
"when we love
with every hair
on our bodies,
i forget
that anything
other than you and i
'stranded' by Della Hicks-Wilson
— Twitter
poetic-newyorker: I love the “someone can only love you as much as they know how to love.” Poem sooooo much I can't even explain😍

You already have, thank you :) x