"Everybody in the world is going to know my name."
Michael Brown, 18, a few weeks before he is publicly executed by Ferguson police officer sparking local riots and global outrage.
burnthepromise: omg your blog is amazing.

Every second of you reading it is appreciated, thank you :)

"i hurt in the way you taught me to."
Della Hicks-Wilson
"when we love
with every hair
on our bodies,
i forget
that anything
other than you and i
'stranded' by Della Hicks-Wilson
— Twitter
poetic-newyorker: I love the “someone can only love you as much as they know how to love.” Poem sooooo much I can't even explain😍

You already have, thank you :) x

"you are destined
to fall in love.
with yourself."
Della Hicks-Wilson
"there are trapdoors.
every where."
'escapology' by Della Hicks-Wilson
"the thoughts you can’t speak of.
the thoughts that could ‘kill you’.
maybe you can.
and maybe they won’t."
Della Hicks-Wilson

After the public execution of 18 year old Michael Brown by Ferguson police