"I can’t breathe."
Eric Garner, killed by NYPD in illegal and unnecessary chokehold.
shpoems: I wanted to let you know how much I love your poems and to tell you to never quit writing

Thank you for reading my work and sharing this with me. I couldn’t quit, even if I tried…

"someone can only love you as much as they know how to love."
'ability' by Della Hicks-Wilson
"each day
i am finding
new ways
to love you."
'more' by Della Hicks-Wilson (via dellahickswilson)

(via dellahickswilson)

all those years ago
and miles away
i thank, how you were born
to a not yet born
'my love's birth day' by Della Hicks-Wilson
brilliantlyordinary: I have never been one for poetry but your words touch me like none ever have. Thank you :)

Wow, thank you. It means alot to know that :)

"you can’t
your heart."
'feel' by Della Hicks-Wilson
"there’s still a little bit of me.
that isn’t even me. it’s you."
'residue' by Della Hicks-Wilson
"you can’t keep breaking.
bits of yourself. off."
'crumbs' by Della Hicks-Wilson
foymeetsworld: Hi, Della. (: I just really wanted to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me. I'm an 18 year old amateur writer, and I hope to one day possess a fraction of the talent you do. Much love! <3 (:

Hi Danielle,

Thank you :)  And as I write that it doesn’t seem enough to compensate for how your words have moved me as I sit here working on my upcoming project.  Maybe there is a poem in this inadequacy, but for now, thank you :)

p.s. Keep writing the truth, everything comes after that :)